Dr. Sallie Greenberg


Read what past clients and partners have to say about Dr. Sallie Greenberg’s speaking and carbon management expertise.

Government & research

I am proud to amplify the awesome work that you and your team are doing. What a great day for the University.” 

Melissa Edwards

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“Your remarks clearly identified some of the important science and society “obstacles” to implementing basin-scale carbon sequestration…”

Margo Regier

PhD Associate Program Officer, Committee on Earth Resources, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

“Sallie is a well-known rockstar within the Global CCS community, having been a key contributor to many domestic and international CCS efforts for many years….”

Jarad Daniels

CEO, Global CCS Institute

When I first met Dr. Greenberg, I had an admiration for not only her intellect, competency, and character, but she has the skill of taking complicated, hard to comprehend topics related to her specialty of geology…”

Gregory Webb

Vice President, State Government Relations


“Dr. Sallie Greenberg is a thoughtful public speaker with a fascinating framework for changing our lives and organizations…”

Erin Weed

Founder and Emcee of EVOSO Live

Sallie’s career speaks for itself, but how Sallie has used her career to speak about the intersection between science and the life process is thought provoking…”

Megan O’Nan

Award-Winning Author, Keynote Speaker, Speaker Coach & Vulnerable Storytelling Expert

“Sallie is part of that rare group of Academics that both have a uniquely deep understanding of their topic and are also able to communicate about it. Her talks are educational, clear, and engaging.”

Henry May

CEO, Coschool

She provides thoughtful and informative answers to challenging questions, enabling us to have a meaningful conversation with the audience…”

Arthur Lee

Chevron Fellow and Principal Advisor, Corporate Strategy and Sustainability, Chevron

“Sallie did a great job of setting the national and global context for CCUS…”

Jane Stricker

Executive Director, Houston Energy Transition Initiative

The Dig

“Sometimes in our life, we stop listening to our purpose and start trying to tune into places within ourselves that are driven by logic and doubt…”

Nikki Smith

Director of Communications, Power of XYZ

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