Dr. Sallie Greenberg

science & policy

Dr. Sallie Greenberg is a consultant and trained critical thinker helping you get to the heart of what matters in the carbon management space.

See the big picture

Build capacity

Make an impact

Cut through the noise

The line between science and its societal impacts is increasingly blurry.
The time for clarity—and change—is now.


Governments, institutions, think tanks, and organizations need someone who can navigate complex scientific concepts, understand project impacts, and build capacity for program success.

Helping clients through challenging discussions and answering big questions forms the foundation of Sallie Greenberg Consulting, where I leverage my experience in increasing capacity for carbon management transformations for the betterment of society.

Consulting at the intersection
of science, sustainability,
and society.

Throughout my career in carbon storage, climate change mitigation, energy transition, and beyond, I’ve developed strategies that bring a social lens to understanding and facilitating the implementation of objective science to get results of the highest quality.

Via strategic advising, program evaluation, and research on complex environmental challenges such as carbon capture and storage, I combine quantitative and qualitative research methods with conscious leadership to hold space for conflicting viewpoints and yield understanding among diverse groups.

Most importantly, I work hard to help you make the change
you want to see in the world.


What I do

From CEOs and strategists to federal and international governments, I provide consulting services in the spheres of carbon management, energy transition, and sustainability for those seeking:


Carbon management program advising

Strategic engagement


Federal funding


Keynote speaking

Media appearances


Teaching and education

Development of educational materials

& Research

Third-party evaluation

Proposal and strategy review

Strategic planning

Project development

As seen in

I’ve appeared in over 20 major publications, including:

“Where you put your energy matters.”

Hi, I’m Dr. Sallie Greenberg, an environmental geosciences expert bridging the gap between rock-solid science, policy, and communication.

During my 30 year career in research and work in carbon management—including leading the first bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) project in the world as a Principal Research Scientist at the Illinois State Geological Survey – University of Illinois—I’ve developed a demonstrated expertise in both the technical and social realms of energy transition, carbon management, and sustainability.

My work focuses on getting to the heart of complex problems. By humanizing science, I help companies gain clarity, reduce risk, and engage more meaningfully.

Together, we’ll design and implement strategies anchored in the highest standards to create the next best energy systems.

Trusted By

“As a collaborator with Dr. Greenberg these past twenty years, we proudly associate ourselves with [Dr. Greenberg] because of her character, genuineness, and ability to meet people where they are in their knowledge, as a very thoughtful communicator.”  

Gregory Webb

Vice President
State Government Relations ADM

“Dr Greenberg’s contributions to the field of CCUS are immeasurable, and her work has had a significant impact on the industry. Her research has helped to address critical challenges across the CCUS industry, and I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Greenberg to any organization looking for a leading expert in the CCUS field.”

Dr. Matthias Raab


“Sallie’s expertise in CCS was exactly what I was looking for. She provided a nuanced and thoughtful point of view for our viewers. The conversation would not have been the same without her decades-long insight into the industry–both where it has been and where it is going.” 

Emily Hooks

Assistant Producer
Energy Switch TV Series